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Getting in shape or just getting out of the house? Come break a sweat with us and discover what your body can do!

Fitness in the Park (8Y+)

Come join us at a local park for a free workout. All fitness levels welcome. No registration required; simply show up and enjoy the workout in our beautiful parks! Class held at Chandler Park (1530 N Walnut Creek Dr).
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Zumba (14Y+)

Come join the exhilarating, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning fitness party! Zumba® Fitness blends red-hot international dance music with contagious steps to form a get-healthy addiction. This program is offered for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Let the music move you!
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Barks & Rec (8Y+)

Our popular Barks & Rec program pairs participants with shelter dogs for an outing that gives you both a workout! In the spring, a running trainer helps you begin or improve your fitness with walk/run training jogs. In the fall, enjoy a guided hike through Oliver Nature Park. You have extra motivation and the dogs experience a much-needed break from shelter life, including fresh air, human contact and so many fun new sights & smells to explore. Each class is registered individually, sign up for one day or as many as your schedule allows.
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Shaolin Do Kung Fu (18Y+)

Students practice open-hand forms, self-defense, weapons, sparring, meditation, strength-training, and conditioning. This dynamic approach allows for rapid advancement in skill, balance, dexterity, and endurance. Belt test fees may apply.
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Shaolin Total Fitness (12Y+)

Shaolin Total Fitness is a program that combines exercises from Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Yoga to build functional and core fitness.  The exercises are scalable, making them perfect for any individual regardless of age, experience, or goals. If you are interested in improving your fitness level and want something that won’t get boring, then Shaolin Total Fitness is right for you.              
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Tai Chi (18Y+)

Tai Chi is considered the ultimate fighting art. Learn relaxation, increased body awareness, balance, and flexibility while also learning to defend yourself with minimal effort.
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Tae Kwon Do (17Y+)

Tae Kwon Do incorporates concentration, discipline, and confidence and will help get you into shape while you learn and de-stress. Master Yang is a 7th degree black belt and North Lake College Instructor. Additional fees may apply for belt tests.
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